Baie dankie Ernest

Last weekend we planned to say goodbye to our colleague Ernest. A Project Engineer who worked for just over three years through TailorMinds on various projects within the Dutch pharmaceutical industry.


Normally we report the welcomes of our (upcoming) colleagues. As a recruitment office, in addition to being a (temporary) employer, we are also a conduit for our clients. This means that most of our colleagues join them after an agreed period of time. This is also the case for Ernest.

In 2020 he was one of our first South African colleagues after which many followed. Incidentally, his arrival in the Netherlands was a few days before the corona-lockdown began. Despite a tumultuous start, Ernest quickly managed to make his mark on the quality of work at our client. Early this year followed the desire of both him and the client for a transfer. Based on accurate communication and making clear agreements, Ernest was able to make the desired transfer.

As recognized referent at the IND it is our task to deregister him correctly. Thereby we point out to our departing colleagues that things like the formalities at the IND and the Dutch tax office are important to follow up in order not to lose the acquired rights.

More than a colleague

Besides doing a satisfactory job at our client, Ernest also helped TailorMinds prepare for our visit to South Africa last year. Thanks to him a wide network was (tapped into), he was our guide on location and finally he was the joker which led to business fun.

Last weekend we wanted to have a fitting farewell as colleagues as it was so often the case with Ernest: with lots of fun and good food. Because of change of plans this has been postponed to a later point. Nonetheless we thank Ernest for his efforts and will stay in touch.

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