Dutch language

At TailorMinds, we have a variety of international colleagues. For them, we arrange a lot of formalities including a contract and a visa. An important step in building a future in the Netherlands is the Dutch language. How does that work?

Importance of language

As an employer, there are many things we can facilitate for our employees. One area where we can do less is the social aspect in the Netherlands. Experience with our foreign colleagues shows that English is sufficient at work, but outside working hours they find that it is sometimes not practical. For instance, although the Netherlands has a high percentage of English as a second language, this does not mean that everyone has (sufficient) command of it and/or that all systems and documentation are also translated.

Language courses

To help our employees both professionally and personally, we also offer language courses within our package. The providers of these courses are tailored to interested expats who work during the day and therefore take the courses in the evenings and online. It usually takes about three months to reach the next desired level. This is tested through a final exam.

Important in this is attending all courses and continuing to do the specified homework. Sometimes we find with staff that they cannot always attend a class due to circumstances. If this becomes more frequent, there is a risk of missing the connection with the rest of the group, making it harder and harder to continue the course.


Ultimately, the Dutch language is also an important part of integration. The Dutch state has it as one of the requirements for passing a state exam in which you are tested. Depending on your situation, you need to reach a certain level to pass. More information on this can be found on their website: https://inburgeren.nl/.

Working at TailorMinds

Are you open to a job in the Netherlands and motivated to learn the Dutch language? If there are suitable opportunities at TailorMinds, we would love to get in touch with you. Please feel free to contact us.