Preparation documentation

In recent years, we at TailorMinds have helped many candidates find new jobs and/or projects. These positions are mainly carried out in the Netherlands. Before a new colleague starts working, there are a number of formalities to arrange.

Employment contract

First of all, the terms of employment are written down in the employment contract. In this contract we mention, among other things, which function someone is responsible for, where someone will perform his function, the salary for the number of hours per week someone works and the notice period.

The contract is signed and then put in the closet. In a consultation, everything can be discussed. As soon as there is something that is unclear, we take out the contract of the closet to apply the agreements based on it.

Assignment agreement

In the case of our “external” colleagues, we also need an assignment agreement from our client. With them, we record, for example, how many hours someone will be deployed, what the expected start/end date is and the arrangements for a possible takeover.

Another important factor for us is the rate per hour worked. Without a paying client, we have no business. This rate is mainly composed of salary, benefits, pension and other employer’s expenses. Finally, we have a set margin with which we cover the costs of the business and build a financial buffer.


Once the labor agreement and work assignment are established, our administration comes into play. They record all agreements for us in our system so that the remuneration, invoicing and checks run smoothly and in accordance with agreements. To fully complete this process, we need to record the identity of the colleague, have a Dutch bank account and record a BSN.

Working at TailorMinds

Are you open to working in the Netherlands in the pharmaceutical industry? If there are suitable opportunities at TailorMinds, we would love to get in touch with you. Feel free to contact us and we may soon go over the process with you.