mapchart tailorminds 2021

Update international recruitment

In January we welcomed another international in The Netherlands in accordance with the measures. For us this meant the 22nd country that we could tick on the world map. On…

Webinar with Ben Tiggelaar

TailorMinds* exists in 2021 10 years! Since a live meeting with partners and employers is not responsible, TailorMinds organizes a free private webinar focused…

Dobre doshli Lyudmil

Last Monday, a new colleague started as a Validation & Compliance Engineer at one of our relations, Lyudmil. The process Lyudmil had been known…

HPTI certificate for Sander

Within TailorMinds we use the tools of Thomas International when it comes to guiding and coaching colleagues. One of these tools is the High…

Welcome Peter

Normally we share a message about a starter at one of our relations. This time we report that we have a new colleague within…