part of the team

As a secondment organization, we regularly do business with freelance engineers. Freelancers are part of the family just like salaried engineers. This means they are as welcome as everybody else for team outings, ‘catch-up-lunches’ and the year-end dinner. We stand for togetherness and equality.


Every contract we issue is an approved contract in accordance with the DBA law.
In addition, we are NEN-4400 certified, which means that the chain liability stops with us as long as the certification runs. In this way, the risk for the client is limited, and you can do business through a certified partner (which is us). This without heavy demands from the ultimate client.

Becoming a freelancer?

Are you about to become self-employed? Would you like to spar with someone in the early stages? Then feel free to contact us. In recent years we have worked successfully together with self-employed people who started in this way. For a start-up period we can customize arrangements. Think for example of the billing period to build up your liquidity.

Entrepreneur and solidarity

Are you a freelancer but do you sometimes miss colleagues/sparring partners around you? Or are you a (upcoming) freelancer and looking for an organisation where you remain self-employed but enjoy the togetherness that you experience as an employee? You have a project of your own, but you can’t work it out with your client?

Contact TailorMinds, we can facilitate this for you and like to discuss how we can strengthen each other.

our projects

Our projects, like many of our vacancies, are challenging and interesting. Most of the vacancies published on this site, which are only recruited on a (temporary) project basis, are also suitable for self-employed persons. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.