The Netherlands and engineers

The Netherlands suffers from a demographic imbalance. As a result, there is a high outflow of retirees and a reduced influx of starters in a technical direction. In addition, technical studies have become less popular due to the wide range of other courses on offer. As a result of this combination, there is a shortage of engineers in all sectors and this number continues to rise. In order to contribute to solving this problem, we also recruit engineers from inside and outside the European Union.

TailorMinds en engineers

In 2011 we recruited our first expat from Sweden. In 2014, we obtained the status of recognised referent at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). As a result, we subsequently recruited the first knowledge migrant from India. Since then, many have followed.

World map with countries from which we have attracted engineers.
What we look for during a first acquaintance is the reason for a migration wish. We understand that it is a big change to leave family, friends and a culture behind. That is why it is very important for us to understand what motivates you.

Transparent & Fair

You probably know the expression: the grass is always greener on the other side. We don’t want to lure or seduce you with nice conditions. We believe in telling a transparent and honest story helps you best in taking the intended step. Think about information about the Dutch job market, all related employment conditions and our culture.

Integration booklet

In order to provide insight into the differences between the current and future situation, we make a discretionary income for you. This overview provides insight into the cost of living, the expected gross/net ratio* and the secondary employment conditions. To help you on your way in the Dutch culture, we have created an integration booklet.

We can attribute predictive value to many things. Homesickness is something that cannot be predicted. A family can never be replaced. Where there is a family, reunification is self-evident. For example, if desired, we take the partner and underage children into the visa procedure.

*dependent on the granting of a 30% rule.

When can we pick you up from the airport?

Are you a knowledge migrant working in engineering and would you like to explore the options to come to the Netherlands? See below the link to our vacancies.

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