Tailored solutions

Every project or vacancy is unique to us. Combined with our specialism this ensures that we can almost always deliver a tailored solution. After a new placement we remain closely involved and, if desired, also make a partial contribution in the form of coaching. Thus we contribute to awareness and development.

Recruitment phase

We like to listen in order to get to know the person behind the resume. If we understand what energizes you in your work and in what kind of environment your ambitions can best be achieved, we see a much better chance of connecting you to an employer where you would want to stay at work for a longer period of time.

Quality is paramount and comes first for us. We have distinguished ourselves by our specialist approach. Quality is measurable. That is why we work with assessments in order to come to an objective picture of your personality and skills. With us around our table you will experience an inquisitive interview in which we take the time to listen. Reserve more than one hour in your agenda for an interview.


In our service we have a number of possibilities:

  • Deta-vast*
  • Interim/ project secondment
  • Recruitment & Selection

*A fixed term contract what leads to a contract with our client when criteria are met

On the job

If we have found the right job together with you, our work is not done yet. We also like to be connected during this phase. Periodically we are present on the work floor to discuss the developments and your experiences. In this phase we deepen the assessments that are made in accordance with your needs. In this way we hold a mirror in which (further) development and growth becomes visible. Development starts with awareness, and we are happy to help with that. Good to know: this is facultative.


After a project is finished, several outcomes are possible:

  • You enter into employment with the client
  • We look for/mediate a new project
  • You find work elsewhere yourself

More information about what we find important

  • NEN 4400
  • Collective WIA-WGA Insurance

Think of a policy in which we as an organisation are screened twice a year to see whether we comply with fiscal and labour law requirements. The certainty of being part of a Collective Labour Agreement. Finally we have taken out a collective insurance to prevent a sharp fall in income after two years of illness.

Are you an expat? Then we would like to refer you to this page as it explains what we do during a recruitment and migration process