Privacy Policy

The websites of TailorMinds uses cookies and website statistics. Below you can read why and see which cookies TailorMinds exactly uses and for what purpose.

The goals

TailorMinds uses cookies for website statistics to understand how visitors use the website. This information helps to improve the website. For example, by supplementing information or by increasing user-friendliness. The website data is stored anonymously on Google Analytics and data is not shared with other parties.

With regard to applications, you can indicate whether you agree with the conditions of TailorMinds. For example, we only save your resume and contact details with your permission. This also applies to the use of these data such as matching with candidates and applicants. Why does TailorMinds this? First of all, your resume stays and your contact information will always be your property. For example, we want to prevent us from forwarding your resume to a customer whom you are already in contact with. Secondly, according to the GDPR, it has been compulsory since May 2018. This is an extension and strengthening of your privacy rights and the responsibilities are more for the organizations.

Storage period

How long do we keep the details of your visit on our website? The current retention period for this data is 26 months in Google Analytics. Thereafter, the data will be deleted automatically. With regard to the length of retention of applicants in our CRM package, we store these data for a maximum of two years. In the meantime, TailorMinds will contact you to find out if you want your data to be kept in our CRM package.

Your rights as a visitor

As a visitor to our website and job applicant you also have a number of rights regarding the storage and use of your data:

Right of access: we will send you your details if you ask.
Right to rectification: have data been transmitted incorrectly, changed or processed incorrectly? Then they can be adjusted.
Right to submit a complaint: do you have a complaint? Contact us or the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
Right to stop the use of data: do you want your data removed from our database? Then you can indicate this to us via We will then delete your data.


For the recording of privacy-sensitive information, we work with a reliable and well-secured system.


We hope to have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us.