My experience with TailorMinds has been seamless from the 1st day of interaction, the lines of communication have been always open and transparent. TailorMinds is focused and centered around the well-being of the employees at work and outside of work. Everyone at TailorMinds is knowledgeable in their area of expertise which makes everything run like clock-work and in turn this brought me peace of mind. I speak from experience when I say that TailorMinds has been an extended family to me and my daughter and if I had to move abroad again I would do so confidently because of the pleasant first time experience provided by TailorMinds. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been a part of TailorMinds!

Phila Ntete
Agidens Life Sciences
Validation Engineer

TailorMinds = Arjan van Dijk!

I have been working with Arjan regularly for about 25 years. Our roles are always different, but the essence is unchanged: in my opinion, Arjan and his company excel in humanity, reliability, flexibility and integrity.

Trust is valuable but fragile, and it needs to grow and be maintained well. I think trust is perhaps the greatest “value” Arjan has built with his companies and network. And I think this springs deeply from Arjan’s own personality and has permeated all aspects of his business.

One example is the many arrangements we have made together over the years. The content of these was very diverse, carefully and jointly worked out, and could be flexibly adapted to the situation. Basically, everything was discussable and the focus was always on mutual wishes. Arjan thus created the best possible conditions for me to be able to do my job with pleasure and as well as possible. I never felt I had to be alert or negotiate and had full confidence in correct outcomes and fair compensation. Cross-compliance, regulations and formal contracts were always correct but only a necessary sideline.

I hope to continue working with Arjan and TailorMinds for a long time and wish him a lot of success and pleasure!

Olav den Biggelaar
DPS Engineering
Maintenance Manager

As EKO Instruments, we are extremely pleased with our collaboration with TailorMinds. Their exceptional services have been instrumental in streamlining our recruitment process, especially in acquiring highly skilled professionals. TailorMinds’ expertise in navigating the complex migration procedures has been invaluable, ensuring a smooth transition for not only our new employees but also their families. Their thoroughness and attention to detail at every step of the process have significantly eased the challenges associated with international recruitment. The dedicated support provided by TailorMinds has facilitated seamless integration of talent into our team, enhancing our capabilities and enriching our work culture. We wholeheartedly recommend TailorMinds for their unparalleled professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Kees Hoogendijk
EKO Instruments Europe

I experienced working through TailorMinds as very positive. It was a Pleasant contact with TailorMinds, and they also provided a nice assignment. Additionally, solutions in my private life were considered during a difficult period.

The team outings were also great fun and varied. And I can recommend other people to work via TailorMinds.

Matthijs Wognum
DPS Engineering
Technical Writer

I experienced my time at ProjectKwadraat/TailorMinds as very positive. The open culture and warm friendly colleagues ensure that a safe setting is quickly created. The personal attention is high and they are keen to think along with you and therefore always come up with the right guidance and solution.

The professional way of working creates a lot of clarity, but absolutely does not compromise the warm open culture. It brings clarity, you know where you stand.

If you are looking for challenging and fun assignments in an always exciting environment such as Pharma, for example, TailorMinds is definitely recommended. Besides working, there are the very fun annual outings.

José Joosten
Adryan Quality

TailorMinds consist of a group of professionals with a high level of experience in the placement of candidates in fitting positions in the pharma industry. During my time working with TailorMinds the personnel was always positive and encouraging with business and private matters. TailorMinds works in an unique approach by assisting with relocation of professionals to the Netherlands and guiding them to setup a good foundation with regards to work. In addition, TailorMinds assist with settling and getting use to the lifestyle in the Netherlands, with this aiding a smooth transition from abroad. TailorMinds has made the transition from South Africa to the Netherlands much easier as they arrange work and assist with the all relocation aspects.

The added value involves the guidance of a professional at TailorMinds to setup work and private matters as easy and fast as possible when moving to the Netherlands.

William Fewell
Validation Consultant

I had a very good experience working with TailorMinds. The collaboration was very efficient and professional. TailorMinds’ working method is very efficient, supportive, hospitable and helpful, especially in the beginning when you have to find your way in a new country. TailorMinds’ goes out of there way to make sure that before and when you set foot in the Netherlands, that they are there to receive you, make you feel welcome and assist with anything you may require. This does not end there. They constantly will be in contact with you to assist and offer any help, even when you have moved on and not working for them anymore. The way I was treated by TailorMinds meant a lot to me, workwise and emotionally. Not only a business relationship, but also a lifelong bond of trust and friendships developed between me and the Tailorminds staff. I know this will continue when I need future guidance or assistance. The added value of working through TailorMinds is their experience and determination to ensure that each individual’s tailor-made needs are catered for before they arrive and while they are in the Netherlands. All this to help each individual find his or her  and their families way abroad. TailorMinds always goes one step further.


Due to unfortunate health circumstances, I were not able to continue with my work in the Netherlands. This did not stop TailorMinds to support me, all the way, right to the end until I headed back to my home country. We are still in frequent conversations with each other and when I, one day, return back to The Netherlands, I know that I will be welcome and that they will still be there for me for any assistance I would require.

To Arjan van Dijk and the TailorMinds team I say thank you for everything you have done for me.


Danie Bekker
DPS Engineering
Project Engineer Construction

In my opinion their way of working is very rightly defined in the name itself; “TailorMinds”. When I had joined the company, it was called “projectkwadraat” however , still the approach was not any different. Luckily I had the opportunity to work closely with them, where I was able to see the same approach followed across all of their consultants. In TailorMinds, One does not feel like just another number, or just another employee. TailorMinds thoughtfully models their co-operation & approach to each individual consultant.

Right from the word ‘go’; I have found TailorMinds nothing less than professional, organized, respectful, approachable & an honest partner. In professional world, occasionally things do not go as planned, however TailorMinds works closely (and often on a personal level) with an individual to find tailor-made solutions & ensures to fulfil their commitments.

Each individual is not only assessed based on their qualifications/experience but also TailorMinds is trained & qualified to assess a personality fit. The goal is not to just place available people to available vacancies but it is important to connect right candidates to their fitting positions. After placement, TailorMinds arranges frequent visits & follow-ups with the ongoing experience of their candidates & provides support for trainings & assessments.

Unlike an ordinary placement firm, TailorMinds pays a great deal of attention to overall well-being of their consultants. Often the consultants come from abroad (Like me) & it is challenging to fit into a new role in a new country. TailorMinds guides & supports not only through all the practical but even through emotional & social challenges.

All in all I had a fantastic experience working with them. Their added value was evident through proactive communication, transparency throughout the hiring process, and their dedication to finding the right fit for both the client and me. Working with them was a seamless and pleasant experience, and I would highly recommend TailorMinds.

Mazhar Yousufzai
Validation Consultant

If you’re considering working in the Netherlands, Tailorminds is the ideal partner. Their support exceeded expectations, not just for me, but for my family as well. Their involvement doesn’t end upon your arrival; it continues throughout your employment. Tailorminds even assisted me while I sought other employment and the transition to a new job after realizing my first position wasn’t the right fit.

The challenging process of moving to another country is made considerably easier by Tailorminds. Thank you, Tailorminds, for embarking on this journey with me!



Nico Mostert
Automation Engineer

One word: Trustworthy.

My wife and I, together with our four boys, sold almost everything we had and got on a plane with 14 bags and travelled halfway around the world to a new life in the Netherlands trusting that all Tailorminds had organised for us, would work out.

We have never travelled overseas before, but we trusted that the year long contact and Teams meetings with Tailorminds was all worth it.

The day we arrived at Schipol, they were there, waiting for us with two large vehicles to take us to our new home they organised and even partly furnished. They collected everything we needed to quarantine for five days like SIM cards, food and bedding. They helped us find schools for our children and we became friends forever.

When things got tough, they were there to support and guide.

Sixteen months later many things have changed as we found our own way, but we would never have been able to do this without their solid support.

Konrad Truter
Automation Engineer

I found working with TailorMinds very pleasant and informal. Your questions are answered in no time and we discussed the interim evaluation moments in peace over lunch. As a result, TailorMinds’ working method is very pleasant, cooperative and constructive. For me, it meant confidence in a constructive yet businesslike cooperation. As a result, I never experienced a client/contractor feeling. TailorMinds’ added value is its place in a network of providers of specialists within pharma and biotechnology. And that in the broadest sense of the word: both for production, quality officers and, in my case, technical and facilities.

Edo Cuiper
Utilities Manager

Now retired, it is good to look back at the collaboration between TailorMinds and the undersigned. Because there was a chance of dismissal, I once created an account on LinkedIn. That happened at the age of 56 and that turned out to be a very valuable action.

Arjan van Dijk found me there and saw something in the profile that was described. Age was seen as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The most important first step was an extensive introductory meeting in which both parties laid the foundation for further cooperation. It was good to experience that TailorMinds had a good idea of ​​the possibilities in the pharmaceutical industry.

An assignment at with Agidens in Beerse was agreed and this was completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. After a period of secondment, the undersigned found it pleasant to do the next job as a freelancer, no problem for the then ProjectKwadraat.

The second assignment also came from Agidens and again great for all parties. Highlights during the years of cooperation were the very pleasant personal contacts, not to mention the end-of-year dinners. Even now there is a line to look for a part-time job.

Giel van den Akker
Agidens Life Sciences
Project Manager

The Tailorminds Family

Now that my contract ends at Tailorminds, I’ve been requested to share my experience with Tailorminds. It was as followed:

  • Unconventional
  • Pleasant
  • Rememberable

However for the people who know Tailorminds and stepped in my footsteps before me will say that this is not giving a complete picture of what Tailorminds is about. My story was as followed:

I applied to a job and was asked for an interview at the office of Tailorminds. When I was friendly welcomed at the front door, guided to the (excellent) coffee and was asked to take place in the break-out room. Then to my surprise, Arjan and Dexter, joined me in the break-out room for the conversation! This was perfect for me, because I already felt at ease in the break-out room as I was in there for a few minutes. Because I did not need time to adapt to a new damp and gray office the conversation started straight away to the point. After enjoying the conversation (more than 1 hour) I left feeling strangely satisfied. I’ve had a personal screening conversation without the feeling of being observed. This combination of feelings made me energized to see where things might end up.

After a few more introduction rounds, I ended up at Agidens. An amazing fit for me. Everything was handled for me. The only thing that was needed from my side was some personal information and a signature. All negotiations were taken care of and done excellently.

During my first year at Agidens, I was stunned by the fact that they kept on track with me. They where really eager to find out how I was doing and if I was liking the position I was put in. In my previous experiences I was just being a number. However, TailorMinds experience was a warm feeling of security during this year. The start was not easy with working remotely from home (with a 2/3 year old son) and wherever they could, they helped, partially just by being there.

Now after my year finished at Tailorminds, I’m actually sad to go! I was welcomed into a very nice warm family and it is always sad to leave those. But knowing Tailorminds, we will keep in touch.

If you ever have the change to work with/for Tailorminds, take the opportunity. They will help you in your best interest, not theirs. Thank you, Arjan, Dexter, Sander, Peter and Corrie, for making it a year to never forget, and not just for Corona.

To finish this off, I’ll give just one piece of advise for the future of Tailorminds: keep doing what you do. And for the people who are easy and have limited problems at work, stay in touch with them (like you do now). Just by giving them a phone call, it’s appreciated even though it sometimes feels like it is of no help.


Lieke Hazenbroek-Etman
Agidens Life Sciences
Validation & Compliance Engineer

Worked for Tailorminds for over a year and transferred to one of their clients. The time at Tailorminds was a good one, especially because of Sander’s pleasant attention. Pleasant is still the word that keeps popping up in my mind regarding the people, the organization and the meetings. They are also good at taking care, especially important for people who come from abroad. Also for me during the period that I regularly had to stay in a B&B. That was completely arranged, very helpful for me. If colleagues asked me if they should start working for Tailorminds, I would definitely say yes.

Sjoerd Loonstra
Adryan Consultants
Senior Commissioning & Start-Up Engineer

I joined TailorMinds in early 2019 where I was contracted as a Senior Process Engineer at DPS Engineering for a project at a major pharmaceutical company. That was not my first contact with TailorMinds. About five years earlier I already came into contact with Arjan van Dijk through a friend and former colleague. From that moment on I was very impressed with how TailorMinds works.

As a kind of special recruiter, we deal with each other in a special person-oriented manner. I experience the collaboration in a very human, honest and pleasant way. Not at all like with the average recruiter where it’s all about filling a vacancy at all costs and getting the bonus.

The little extras that seem little but do a lot also make TailorMinds a unique employer. The approach of TailorMinds is therefore very commendable and I feel very at home and comfortable here. I can therefore truly recommend TailorMinds as an employer.

Jos van Haastrecht
DPS Engineering
Senior Process Engineer

TailorMinds is a pleasant company with a great team. The lines of communication are short and the contact is personal. The added value for me was the large and professional network they serve. The team meetings are also fun, which means that you have a colleague experience as a freelancer. For these reasons, I would recommend TailorMinds.

Tijs van Herpen
DPS Engineering
Automation Engineer

Unexpectedly, Sander approached me if I was interested in a job as a Validation Engineer. I was looking for a new job and had experience with quality systems and laboratory equipment management / validation. I was a bit skeptical about recruiters, but after I finally teamed up with TailorMinds, my image has turned very positive.

TailorMinds in the person of Arjan and his colleagues are very involved with their employees. They are personally oriented and try to make the best possible match between client and employee with their professional coaching and Personal Profile Analysis (PPA).

Via a consultant / secondment construction I started working at a large pharmaceutical company as a Validation Engineer. Unfortunately, the collaboration was only allowed to last eight months, because the content of the job turned out differently than the client had predicted. Not ideal, but talking about this openly and honestly with Sander and Arjan has resulted in a good ending.

Despite the fact that everything is done for a good match it can happen that things go differently, but even then you can count on the people of TailorMinds. They are there for you in good, but also in less good times and I think that is their strenght.

I have experienced TailorMinds as a very pleasant and social employer, which also organizes a number of meetings every year to maintain ties (as a seconded employee) with the employer and ‘fellow seconded employees’. These are always fun and pleasant moments where you get to know each other better and exchange experiences. I can truly recommend TailorMinds!

Margot de Vries
Agidens Life Sciences
Validation Engineer

After working for the same employer for 22 years, it was time for a different challenge. The contact with Sander from TailorMinds was quickly made and from the first conversation with Sander and Arjan and a very good cup of coffee, I had a very good feeling about a possible collaboration. This was quickly confirmed, as three interviews were arranged within a very short time and a number of job opportunities arose. The preparations together with Sander and / or Arjan for these interviews were always very well structured and personal.

The interaction with Sander and Arjan has always gone well and the guidance from TailorMinds during an assignment is good and with great regularity. The conversations are open, honest and without hidden agendas. Everyone at TailorMinds is there for the employees. During an assignment, they are always busy with the near future and they look further for you. Based on my experiences, I have already recommended TailorMinds to several people and I will continue to do so. Even though I am no longer working at TailorMinds, I will always maintain the contacts.

Ricardo Sanna
Adryan Consultants
QC Equipment & Facility Specialist

After having worked for ten years for a company doing clinical research laboratory, I worked for TailorMinds for a year. A completely new role for me: I worked in a contractor / secondment construction. TailorMinds seconded me to a client of them who then put me on a project with a major international pharmaceutical company. Despite the fact that there were two layers between the final customer and TailorMinds, I always felt very connected to ProjectKwadraat: they are certainly not a “people-shifter” but are genuinely involved with their employees. This is reflected in excellent personal but professional coaching.

Although it turned out that the contractor role did not suit me well, I always enjoyed working for them. TailorMinds is an honest and open club of people to work for / with.

Jurgen Oerlemans
Agidens Life Sciences
CSV Engineer

I experienced the cooperation with TailorMinds as very positive. What is noticeable is that the lines are short and questions are answered quickly. TailorMinds is open and honest. For example, in the beginning I was only promised that contact would be made if there is a possibility. It was quiet for a few weeks, but then suddenly there was the job that suited me. No empty promises have been made. TailorMinds gave me the opportunity to take a new step in my career. TailorMinds (in my experience) is an added value in bringing together supply and demand. I think that is certainly in this time where the supply is less than the demand an added value. I would absolutely recommend them.

Robert van der Meer
Agidens Life Science
Validation Engineer

From 2nd of January 2017 to mid-September 2018 I was seconded via TailorMinds as Quality Engineer at Sanquin Plasma Product in Amsterdam. Throughout the project I have experienced Arjan and his colleagues at TailorMinds as a very pleasant and social employer with friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable employees. I can therefore recommend it to anyone to work for and with TailorMinds without any hesitation.

Ferry Westerveld
Adryan Consultants
Quality Engineer

From the first interview with TailorMinds, it was so obvious that I was connected with a highly professional company. Questions during the interview were so specific which made sure that the all the aspects of client and candidate were fulfilled. And starting as an expat via TailorMinds was reducing the stress level of moving to another country. After arriving in The Netherlands, most of the issues (like open a bank account, set up health insurance and support in housing) were solved in the first day which helped to focus more on the project. All the consultants of TailorMinds were so helpful and open to any question which made it easy to get familiar to Dutch system. Therefore, I would highly recommend TailorMinds, especially if you are looking for a project where you can work as an expat.

DPS Engineering
Commissioning & Qualification Engineer

My first experience with TailorMinds has been with Arjan. The interview had a interpersonal approach, what made it open and safe. The way of counseling and coorperation makes you want to express the same values to others. This helps me during projects where I’m matched based on my personal profile. The consultants of TailorMinds are always available when you have questions, no matter the topic. This makes that there are no stressfull forecasts during projects. Overall, a nice employer to work with.

Laurens Kodden
Pharmaceutical Engineer

In my current and past role I have been working with TailorMinds and experienced this as very pleasant. Keywords to describe the way of work; Personal and sharp. Sharp because they provide me of good resumes on short notice in combination with follow up’s to explain or add perspectives on the resumé. The added value of TailorMinds is the combination of speed and succesrate. Even when they can’t deliver, they let you know. Overall, what you see is what you get and for this, I recommend them to everyone.

Marcel Papenhove
Jacobs Engineering
Manager Projects

From the first moment we spoke, TailorMinds was eager to help me and find me a job here in the Netherlands. Their way of working is very professional, and I couldn’t ask for more! Even when I ‘moved’ towards the client they kept supporting me when I asked for help, the door is open 24/7. Working for TailorMinds makes you feel like #1. The only priority is you. This way of maintaining a personal approach makes me recommending them to everybody who needs a job in a technical sector.

Leticia Febrel
Damen Shipyards
Assistent Project Manager

Personal and pleasant are the words that come to mind thinking about my experience with TailorMinds. They provided me with solid ground what made it possible to focus at work. Frequent meetings made a trustworthy feeling about my project and future. Due to the open en personal character of TailorMinds we were able to set realistic goals. After time I achieved all my goals, what made me proud. TailorMinds invests into their employees and helps you realising the next step in your carreer. My current job has been achieved due tot the support of TailorMinds so therefor I will recommend them to everyone.

Daniel de Graaf
Adryan Consultants
Commissioning Engineer

Cooperating with TailorMinds has been a great pleasure. Professional coaching, with frequent meetings made that potential minors didn’t move on. The added value is that they make use of assessments to get to know the person behind the employee and how to match that with future employers. With those assessments it’s easy to learn about you and your work attitude. Because it makes you self-conscious I was able to makes steps in my development. Due to all these positive experiences I recommend TailorMinds to future employees.

Marjoleine Lucassen
Adryan Consultants
Process Transfer Engineer

I experience coorperation with TailorMinds as very positive. They are available when needed, always open for questions and help you with tailored advice. These points give me a professional impression and makes them trustworthy. Because of the ‘mediation’ services between client and employee it creates an open and pleasent work setting. TailorMinds found me a great place to work and during the coaching sessions I was able to grow as a person. Overall, a concerned employer wich I highly recommend to others. Keep up the good work.

Jeroen Arends
Agidens Life Sciences
Validation Engineer

My experience with TailorMinds is positive. During meetings there is a balanced dialoge, what makes me feel heard and appreciated. This shows the approach, which is very personal. I really believe that they try to find the human behind the resume and use this as a base to find a the right match between candidate and client. Besides a pleasant sparring partner TailorMinds for sure has an added value compared to others. To me this has been the hunt for a potential employer, not only in technical terms, but with a strong focus on personal/cultural terms as well. They focus on growth where they make use of your strongest points, and make those pay. The personal approach, combined with a big network makes the difference between a ‘possible yes’ and a ‘100% yes’. Overall, I would recommend TailorMinds for sure to work with, and work for.

Danny Hartkamp
Adryan Consultants
Validation Engineer

The approach of TailorMinds is easy to adapt. Thanks to the presentation of exciting projects and coaching, they are able to make to best out of yourself.

Working with TailorMinds is to my personal experience, professional and pleasurable. Agreements are fulfilled, what makes me feel appreciated. I experience contact as positive, we meet on a frequent basis to talk about developments on the project, challenges and how to coop with them. Since three years I am working with TailorMinds and never I have been without a project. They arranged five interviews, and after all fives I was allowed to join. This makes a 100% succes rate, I don’t see that a lot. I believe that is the result of really taking care and listening to your employee and clients.

When you are looking for a new job in one of the markets of TailorMinds, I would recommend everybody to have a chat at the office at least. They are pleasant to work with, sympathic, and that combination is something I wish for everybody.

Sjoerd Schalken
Agidens Life Science
Validation Engineer

Cooperation with TailorMinds is set far beyond business standards. Even after a short period of knowing each other you feel connection, professionalism, experience, partnership. This level of service is starting way before your final decision. There is room for discussion, they answer questions, give suggestions and even help you find a dream place to live. And it is continuing during your contract (tax calculation / motivation / skills development). Honestly – without TailorMinds I would never have settled in The Netherlands. We had many conversations before our final decision… and what I can say – they were right! It is exactly what they said. All aspects presented by TailorMinds met real life, all calculations, suggestions, hints. It really is a huge added value to cooperate with such a company. You can be more focused within your new profession/position when you have such company, support. The stress of moving has been mitigated to a very low level. Great job!

Lukas Kubaszak
Adryan Consultants
Project Engineer

TailorMinds initially contacted me via Linkedin while I was presenting at a conference in England. Over a short period of time they set up both Skype and on-site work interviews in The Netherlands and eventually helped me realize my desired career direction. In my case, TailorMinds was cordial yet frank and precise in their discussions. This approach helped everyone to be practical and upfront in ensuring that the partnership worked efficiently. I have had a very positive experience working with TailorMinds so far. From the start they were both personal and professional in their approach, allowing us to have a productive and engaging relationship. One of the hallmarks of TailorMinds is that they believe in taking a personal approach. As an example – taking care of all issues and procedures beforehand or in a simultaneous manner such that the individual is allowed to devote his attention directly to his job, rather than lose time in getting set up, especially in the first few weeks or months; and then continuing to track his or her progress. My advice would be simple – keep up the good work and stay with the personal approach. As you grow, challenges will abound but it takes special skills to deal thoughtfully with people and that sets you apart.

Vivek Kumar
Damen Shipyards
Naval Architect en Project Manager

I started my contact with TailorMinds via a recommendation of a friend. He had initiated this collaboration recently. In the beginning it was a challenge with reserves, from my side. In the country where I was working, these companies are not as common as in The Netherlands. So for me, it was the first time that I would not be employed directly to the company where I would work daily. I think, TailorMinds establishes a very transparent relationship and we fill reassured by the support for the direct work matters but also, and most important in my case, for the adaptation to the Dutch system and work mentality. I felt supported in the company as well as in the country. I believe, the company relies its character on the personal characteristics of its members and the integrity and seriousness play a role in the confidence that is achieved. I certainly recommened TailorMinds to other persons looking for a new job opportunity, especially if it’s the case of an expat.

Mónica Marise Fernandes Teles
Damen Shipyards
Assistant Project Manager

Over the last 3 years I have worked for TailorMinds at several pharmaceutical projects. The way of treating employees is always correct, and appointments were always compliant. TailorMinds is one of a few agents where they treat you as a human being in stead of a product. Therefor I would highly recommend them to others.

Marco van den Nieuwendijk
DPS Engineering
C&Q Engineer

TailorMinds’ philosophy is one that offers more depth than standard consultancies. The analytical approach offers opportunities to bring people and companies together and to develop further, where the ultimate “click” is often very well estimated. Thanks to the personal and very professional guidance, I have at least got the best out of myself. It has also helped me a lot to map out my strengths and weaknesses with the help of the tool they use. I can highly recommend a collaboration with TailorMinds and which can be described as very pleasant and grateful.

Reyno van Duyne
Validation Engineer

Working with TailorMinds was the best decision I made in my professional life so far. They helped me select a job that suited my profile, and later eased the transition from my home country into The Netherlands, with support on all levels during the first few weeks. TailorMinds is focused on matching their client’s needs with their employees individual skills and ambitions. The result, in my case, was a very motivating job for me, and the fact that the end client decided to hire me directly shortly after indicates it was also profitable for the company.

I think this is the win win solution that every company looks for when hiring a skilled employee. The fact that they invested so much in getting to know me and my aspirations before he proposed my services to any client built trust and a good relation between us. It also helped that TailorMinds kept 100% of the promises which are made to me! Added value resides in the very deep knowledge of the persons that they work with, and also how they connect that knowledge with the needs of their clients.

I would definitely recommend working with TailorMinds. When I shifted to Damen, I told them that i was losing an employer but gained a friend. That remains true to this day.

Gil Cabral
Damen Shipyards
Project Manager

TailorMinds has delved themselves into our primary processes, culture and long-term objectives. Our organisation is a typical middle sized organisation with 50-75 employees. As for a lot of matters in a middle sized company, “It is neither here not there”. On that matter TailorMinds has been a successful extension of our HR department. One of the most important elements for a successful cooperation was the open and honest way of communication. Due to transparency from both sides and (critical positive) feedback we were able to improve our recruitment, evaluation and development on short notice. If sustainability for your human resources is a policy, I would highly recommend TailorMinds as your partner to talk to.

Raoul Voeten
Bradford Engineering B.V.
Managing Director