Emigration assistance by TailorMinds

More and more often, we are approached for our knowledge of emigration procedures and experience in personal guidance of engineers. This knowledge and experience can be used for the actual emigration of new employees of some of our relations.

Different reasons

We notice that various reasons can be the cause of this. For example, little knowledge of the legislation, understaffing or simply a conscious choice because both the guidance and going through the paper procedure properly for the first time takes a lot of time and effort.

The right order

We came to the conclusion that over eight years of experience with such processes ensures that the right sequence is chosen when going through these kind of processes. Something that saves a lot of time and potential annoyance about the course of administrative procedures.


What matters most to us is the satisfaction we get from the knowledge migrants and their families after another “soft landing” in the Netherlands. This soft landing also ensures that the focus of the new colleague can be on the new work. This is because issues that may cause concern are well understood and actions can be taken.

Interested in possibly hiring an international engineer?

Are you or you yourself in connection with a possible new employee? Are you curious about the further details of the guidance from TailorMinds for both local and international engineers? Or are you curious about possible emigration trajectories? Feel free to contact us, we will gladly look into the possibilities together.