Lizet started Wednesday

Lizet started Wednesday

Over the past few months we have come into contact with Lizet. She is an international QA professional from South Africa. Lizet started Wednesday at one of our clients. She takes her broad Quality and Project Manager experience to the Dutch and German pharmaceutical industry.

A niche in a niche

Lizet was working on project basis as Responsible Person in a specific niche within pharma and was looking for a challenging job. Precisely in this specific niche our client was looking for a Quality Assurance Manager who will clearly set out the coordination and guidelines for the Netherlands and Germany. So a QA Manager with project management qualities. Lizet’s assignment was in the final stage and after a number of successful interviews with our client she could seamlessly fit in a new assignment.

Dutch immigration procedure

After signing the employment contract with TailorMinds, the formalities involved in on-boarding a professional from outside the European Union were started. At TailorMinds, we are recognised by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). With Lizet we followed the outlined procedure. Within three weeks the application was approved and the visa issued. Because of this we could say with certainty that Lizet could start within the desired term of our relationship.


TailorMinds supported Lizet and her family in finding the right house. She, her partner and her son wanted to live close to her work in a child-friendly neighbourhood. After two remote viewings, during which TailorMinds and Lizet viewed the house via Whatsapp or digitally, the rental agreement was a fact. She can now cycle to work, as she lives only 2.5 kilometres from work.

Arrival in the Netherlands

It is good practice for TailorMInds to be ready at the airport when they arrive in the Netherlands. To receive Lizet and her suitcases and bring them to her accommodation. Because of her arrival last Friday in the Netherlands and the acute new rules about direct flights from South Africa, it was a bit tense. After following all the additional instructions from the Rijksoverheid, the key transfer took place the next day. And in this case also the collection and installation (read: assembling) of the ordered basic furniture. After which Lizet could already spend the night in her appartment last weekend.

Final details

The coming days will be all about the last details: registering with the municipality , the social security number and getting to know her new colleagues. We wish Lizet lots of job satisfaction!


Does Lizet’s story appeal to you and might you be interested in the possibilities at TailorMinds? Feel free to contact us and maybe we will meet soon.