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TailorMinds is coming to South Africa

We are keen to meet qualified and motivated technical specialists in the pharmaceutical industry who are interested to work and live in the Netherlands. There are 50 meeting spots available, so sign up now.

Sander Pupella
Recruitment Consultant

Peter Debrichy
Recruitment Consultant

Do you have:


  • Education, training or experience from Bachelor level onwards
  • Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Biotechnology, Electrical or Automation
  • 3 years onwards of relevant work experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • With end-client, consultancy and/or engineering companies.
  • Good verbal command of Afrikaans is an advantage.


  • CQV or CSV
  • Project (Construction) management and engineering
  • Process and Mechanical engineering
  • Maintenance and Reliability engineering
  • Electrical and Automation engineering
  • QA, QC, RA or Supply Chain
  • Design and CAD engineering