A double welcome for Leila!

Last week, we were able to welcome Leila to the Netherlands. The welcome was double because we had another special collaboration as the occasion. Like last time, the close cooperation between STAEL Recruitment and Tailorminds is the reason for the double welcome. In addition, we were present at Schiphol Airport with representation from both companies to welcome Leila.

Suitable position

Leila applied for the vacancy of Process Control Engineer at one of STAEL’s relations late last year. As a result of the positive interviews that followed, she was offered a job. Together with STAEL colleagues, we started preparations to prepare Leila’s arrival.

Preparations and formalities

Since the desire was to start only in June, we had a long preparation time. Through online meetings, we shared our roadmap and discussed the procedure. Once the employment contract was signed and the start date set, we had to wait for the official documents to be submitted to the IND. After receiving these, we started the procedure and a few weeks later the IND’s approval was already in. In the coming months, the procedure for Leila’s partner is still planned, so that we can also welcome him to the Netherlands in the autumn.


Meanwhile, STAEL colleagues have found suitable accommodation, the residence permit has been collected and the appointment for registration at the municipality is scheduled. After this, the other formalities can be arranged such as applying for a bank account and health insurance. We wish Leila lots of success as she continues her career in the Netherlands.


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