Almost there Preanca

We expect to welcome Preanca from South Africa to the Netherlands in August. Preanca will start as our colleague on the new high potentials project in the Dutch pharmaceutical industry.

Project high potential

The name high potentials can be used in many ways. In our case it stands for a project where we are looking for engineers who want to be flexibly deployed on projects and are easily adaptable. Naturally, experience, enthusiasm and dedication in roles such as Validation and/or Process Engineer within the pharmaceutical industry should not be lacking. Because of the positive click and relevant work experience, Preanca meet this criteria and we found her suitable for the high potential project.

Missed opportunities

We know that clients do not always have the time to wait for a full visa process, only to pass up several opportunities for an otherwise rapidly deployable consultant. In this context of doing the right matching, it was important for us to add a fast-deployable candidate to the team. In addition, due to changing circumstances in South Africa, this is a wonderful opportunity for Preanca to build experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry in The Netherlands.

Already getting to work for Preanca

Meanwhile, the contracts are signed, and we are preparing for Preanca’s arrival. Additionally, was Preanca enrolled in an intensive Dutch Language course. We are also in the process of planning a suitable project for Preanca. Since Preanca is flexible for various projects, we are confident that she will add value to one of the projects starting from September 2023. We will be meeting Preanca in Johannesburg in July for further planning. Good luck on all your preparations for departure Preanca!


Curious about Preanca’s qualities and commitment? Or are you like Preanca interested, ambitious and flexible, with experience in the pharmaceutical industry? Then feel free to contact us.