Expat Relocation

Collaboration with Expat Relocation & Immigration Services

We are often in contact with many parties to guide and facilitate a successful emigration to The Netherlands. You can think of real estate agents, landlords and local authorities. Based on our belief that where you do not have sufficient knowledge and network, you must ensure that you have reliable partners who do. One of those partners we gladly and frequently work with is Elizette Nel’s company Expat Relocation & Immigration Services.


The support they provide us is often aimed at the partner of the highly skilled migrant and the acquisition of the residence permit. Furthermore, families are helped by, for example, looking for the right school for the children who come along.

Elizette is an experience expert who went through this process herself years ago. She usually works in the background with her new colleague Janine Gray. In addition to the services that we mention here, they also provide other services such as: online consultations, support with different types of applications for residence permits and arranging a soft landing in The Netherlands.


Are you an engineer working in the pharmaceutical industry and would you like to know more about an emigration process or how we can support you with this? Please contact Expat Relocation & Immigration Services or TailorMinds.