Delayed end of year dinner

Around December we reported that we had given vouchers to our colleagues for an alternative end-of-year dinner where the intention was also to share photos. The result is in!

The spout

The hope was around December that many dinners would be picked up and eaten at home with a cozy (family) photo. There were also colleagues who attach more value to dining when the catering industry would open again for guests. Thus, in the meantime, most colleagues have enjoyed their dinners. We hope that enjoying a good meal together has strengthened the mutual bond at a time when we could not get together as colleagues.

Alternative meeting

We hope that gatherings of people can be continued in a responsible manner so that connections can be made with a delicious plate of food. Also because most TailorMinds colleagues are colleagues of each other on paper, but they do not always work for the same client or at the same location. We were able to achieve this in part by means of this alternative end-of-year dinner. The photo in this case makes the connection more complete.


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