Last Friday, we moved on with a good habit of ending the year in an appropriately festive manner. Namely the end-of-year dinner. Together with partners, we were guests at the Carriage House of Castle de Haar where we were served a four-course dinner in a beautiful ambiance. It was wonderful to meet again as colleagues after a two-year “break”.

Alternative dinners

For the past two years, corona measures prevented us from organising an end-of-year dinner in this setting. But instead of restrictions, we think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. For instance, in 2020, we organised a voucher campaign where a takeaway dinner could be ordered from a locally known restaurant. In 2021, we came up with an alternative format where we offered all our colleagues and their families a catered day at Efteling.


After the reception with a drink and a snack, it was time to go to the table. Arjan gave a short talk on the state of business at TailorMinds. Without relations no capacity requests and without colleagues fulfilling realised assignments no results. For this reason, we organised an end-of-year dinner, to thank our colleagues and partners. After this, colleagues were briefly introduced to each other with some info on their role in their current assignment. A pleasant evening with good conversations and good food flew by.

Energy from connections?

A nice outing can be a reason to choose TailorMinds as an employer. But there are more. For instance, we have interesting projects and great vacancies for project managers and engineers in the pharmaceutical industry. Working with and for TailorMinds means more. Read about our approach on our website and feel free to contact us if it interests you.