Frikkie has arrived

Today we picked up our new colleague Frikkie at Schiphol. He will start 1st of  September as a Software Engineer Services MES at one of our clients in the industrial automation sector.

Flawless process

After a direct flight from South Africa, Frikkie landed in the Netherlands with his family. Prior to this landing, there have already been steps taken. We met Frikkie in early May, when he let us know he had been thinking about moving to the Netherlands for some time. This because he heard good stories about working and living in the Netherlands from his fellow countrymen and because his first language is Afrikaans, which makes the bridge to Dutch smaller. Within a month there was a match with one of our clients and we received the confirmation that Frikkie could start his process to the Netherlands.

The beauty of his process was that there were basically no obstacles. Visa applications went smoothly, birth certificates were ready, marriage certificate met all requirements and even finding a suitable home was quickly arranged. Of course, there are still the issues in South Africa that cause the necessary stress, such as selling a house, saying goodbye to friends and family and the final transfers at work.

Family matters

Once in the Netherlands, the arrangements for a bank account, residence permit and municipal registration for the family have already been booked. In addition, a suitable school has been found for his daughter through Expat Relocation & Immigration Services. A suitable school that pays extra attention to the Dutch language and is also close by. So far, a process that contributes to a soft landing in the Netherlands.


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