Live is better than via a screen

A live interview energizes. In the past two years, we had almost forgotten how valuable a one-on-one interview between an international TailorMinds candidate and a relation can be. Last week we received a candidate at Schiphol. But without the need to carry a lot of luggage.

A thorough and personal process

Before the pandemic broke out, it was common in many immigration procedures for a candidate to come for an interview in person in the Netherlands. The process usually went as followed: after the initial discussions with TailorMinds and coordination of the expected conditions, an initial introduction to our relationship followed. This meeting was often organized online. If after this conversation both parties were positive, arrangements were made for a live interview. Airline tickets were booked for sometimes a multi-day trip. This gave both parties the opportunity to get an even better picture of each other. A thorough and personal process.

Back to the old normal?

After the first good online interview with the candidate and our relationship, another interview was scheduled. In the meantime, we learned that the candidate was coming to Europe for another reason. After mutual consultation, there was a lot of enthusiasm from both sides about meeting in the Netherlands. Furthermore, it turned out to be possible to find space in both schedules for a personal meeting. After this it was a matter of booking tickets and making sure we were at the airport on time.

The sequel

At this moment the outcome of the conversation is not yet known. For us and our relationship, this should not spoil the fun. The satisfaction is there. Our candidate also looks back on a good meeting and a good discussion afterwards at TailorMinds’ office. At the end of the day, we also arranged transportation back to Schiphol Airport.


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