Onboarding of Dominic

A few weeks ago we reported that our new colleague was coming to the Netherlands to work as an Engineering Consultant. By now he has landed on Dutch soil and we are finalizing his onboarding.

Formalities in South Africa

As Dominic’s employer, we can arrange a lot for him in the Netherlands. Matters where we cannot offer assistance are mainly those that need to be completed in the country of origin. Think of selling furniture that is not going with him, saying goodbye to many people and arranging registration documents such as birth certificates. In Dominic’s case, this was manageable as the client was able to give time and space to formalize things.

At the moment things have been settled for him in South Africa, last point is getting his family over. This is on the agenda for February 2024 to arrive if all goes according to plan. Together with our partner Expat Relocation & Immigration Services, this process is being skillfully managed.

Formalities in the Netherlands

There are also the formalities in the Netherlands that have been and/or are being taken care of. At an early stage we had arranged his new home in the Netherlands. It was not only convenient to know that there is a roof over his head, but also the that formalities in the Netherlands are taken care of. Having a Dutch residential address is the gateway to registering with the municipality for a BSN, opening a Dutch bank account and applying for health insurance.

Most of the items are in process and this allows him to focus on the short-term work without worrying about the “side business’. Although meeting a Dutch winter with ice and snow was still a new experience.


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