Quarterly meeting finally on location

Today we are back together to make it a constructive day. We are guests at Kameryck in Kamerik all day long, where we meet our colleagues at the end of the day for a nice get-together.

The new old normal

In the past, it was normal for us to meet again every quarter in a casual atmosphere to discuss, spar and simply enjoy the meeting outside the daily dynamics with a focused agenda. Would this be the beginning of a return to the old normal? Or will we continue with a mix of old and new in the future? Time will tell.

Looking back, looking ahead and feedback

In any case, our agenda consists of a review of the past period, a preview of what is to come and mutual feedback. The latter is uncomfortable when you experience this for the first time, but a good collaboration is built on the safety of being able to say everything to each other without a personal attack. You can unintentionally touch the other person in the daily dynamics. By making this a topic for discussion, you keep communication open and trust alive.

Highly skilled migrants

One item on the agenda will be discussed in detail: in the past six months we have welcomed more highly skilled migrants than ever in six months. We see here only more opportunities for the future to help our relations and clients with qualified and self-confident engineers.


Are you an (international) engineer? Contact us or respond to one of our jobs. Are you a client who is busy solving capacity issues? We would like to get in touch with you! In addition to professional advice, good guidance and job satisfaction, we are happy to contribute to part of the solution.