Quarterly meeting on Good Friday

At TailorMinds, we meet periodically to evaluate, reflect and look ahead in peace. Last Good Friday, we were hosted by Woudschoten in Zeist for our quarterly meeting. A quiet inspiring place with good facilities We stood still and looked back at the results of the first quarter. In a distant look ahead, we updated each other on the upcoming reintroduction of the permit system in our industry. Finally, we took time to give each other feedback.

Quiet but stable

Last year was a record year where we just missed the mark of 50 ongoing projects. We already noticed in the last quarter that growth was slowing down and saw a significant drop coming. At TailorMinds, we operate in a niche market. Despite having fewer projects, the replacement demand due to an ageing population is still high. As a result, there is no significant decline but a quiet steady line in the number of projects we are executing.


Because we managed to create space in the division of tasks at TailorMinds’ leadership last year, this translates into more time for Business Development. As a result, we have sufficient opportunities not only to serve our existing relations, but also to assist new relations in fulfilling their capacity issues. We have also managed to achieve a few nice partnerships.  Here, our knowledge and expertise in the emigration of highly skilled migrants to the Netherlands come together well with the customer’s wish to be completely taken care of such a process.

Permit system

There is currently much talk about the upcoming reintroduction of the permit system for employment agencies. Parliamentary consideration of the forthcoming legislation is imminent. Once this process is complete, many changes will come our way, which we will have to implement in our working practices and which we will have to be able to justify in order to obtain a permit. Using information provided by NBBU, Arjan updated us on this so that we know which changes are relevant to us.


At TailorMinds we have an open cooperation based on trust. Yet however well-intentioned, you can pass each other by or lose sight of each other for a while. We work to live which also means that sometimes some of what you experience at home carries with you at work, and that’s okay. After these reflections, we enjoyed a well-prepared lunch. Following this, we were able to start the Easter weekend early because apparently many people were already off and little more immediate follow-up was needed that day.


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