Soon in The Netherlands: Mohanad

In recent years we have noticed that many of our clients have an increasing preference for Dutch-speaking candidates. In the current labor market in The Netherlands, this is not always easy. In order to also utilize the potential from abroad, we have started to sponsor a number of young talents abroad through Dutch language courses. One of these talents is Mohanad from Jordan.


We met him after applying via LinkedIn where he applied for a job opening focused on validating pharmaceutical production equipment. Because of the language barrier, that was not an immediate match, but his motivation, knowledge and skills were. Based on that, he started Dutch language courses last year and, with excellent effort by now, has developed the language reasonably well.

Based on that, we made him an offer last week to start in July as a Validation Engineer at TailorMinds whereby he can start working on projects at our clients in the near future. He has accepted this offer so the processes to come to the Netherlands have started.

Onboarding procedure

Meanwhile, the application has been submitted to the IND with the necessary documentation. We expect that the procedure will continue to be easy so he is expected in the Netherlands in July. We will assist him during the process such as finding suitable accommodation in the Netherlands, arranging his residence permit and realizing a new project.

We thank him in advance for his trust in TailorMinds and look forward to welcoming him at a Dutch airport soon. See you soon Mohanad!

More information

Have you become interested in the possibilities at TailorMinds based on Mohanad’s story? Or could you use the extra capacity for your validation team? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities together.