An extended birthday present for Renata

Former colleague Renata recently started working at one of our relations after a successful contract-to-hire period and obtaining a permanent residence permit.

The birthday present

Since Renata has a Brazilian nationality, she needed a recognized sponsor to be allowed to work in The Netherlands. After an application at us in 2018, we quickly linked her to one of our relations focused on Computer System Validation in the pharmaceutical industry. A day later, on her birthday, she was invited for an interview. A nice birthday present. She turned that gift out well since she started on the project shortly afterwards. Since then she has worked on two different projects through TailorMinds. Since both Renata and our relation had the intention of entering into long-term cooperation, a contract-to-hire was agreed.

Permanent residence permit

For the relations, it was better to employ Renata if a recognized sponsor was no longer needed at the IND. There are several options for this. One of them is applying for a permanent residence permit or the Dutch nationality. A highly skilled migrant may do this after he or she has lived in The Netherlands for five years. In this case the person must complete and pass the integration course. Renata succeeded in doing this, so that she recently obtained a permanent residence permit and the transition to the relationship could be completed. In other words, an extended birthday present for Renata.


This meant that after more than 2.5 years of working together, we have said goodbye to Renata in a responsible manner. A nice example where 1 + 1 is more than 2. We wish Renata the best of luck with her important projects at the relation and hope that many internationals will follow her example in The Netherlands.


Are you an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry with a non-EU passport looking for a project in the Netherlands? Please feel free to contact us and perhaps you may be the next one.