An unique process for Matheus

Through an unique process, we will soon welcome our new colleague from Brazil via Italy: Matheus. He will start as a Validation & Compliance Engineer in the Dutch pharmaceutical industry. Through a successful application for an Italian passport, we managed to find a suitable assignment for him. The final steps in the process have been taken and he will start working shortly.

Warm network

We came into contact with Matheus through one of our current colleagues. They worked together on several projects and the contact remained after that. Based on positive references, Matheus also became interested in the opportunities through TailorMinds and knocked on our door.

Because he had relevant work experience, we had an introductory meeting. This showed that he would certainly be an added value to our network. However, Matheus had just turned 30 years old at the time which would mean that he should receive a relatively high amount according to the knowledge migrant salary standard. This meant that opportunities for him in the Netherlands would be scarce given the number of years of work experience. However, Matheus came up with an interesting angle: applying for an Italian passport

Applying for an Italian passport

Because Matheus has Italian family ties, there was an opportunity for him to apply for an Italian passport. He came up with the idea because one of his own relatives has already gone through the process and is working in Europe on that basis. This process offers better opportunities for both Matheus and us to look at positions in the Netherlands.

On that basis, he started the process. An unique process that is a lot more extensive, intensive and complex than a regular knowledge migrant visa application. Eventually through proper guidance from a consultant in Brazil, Matheus may soon pick up his Italian documents allowing him to work in Europe.

The last bits in the Netherlands

Once in the Netherlands, there are still other formalities on the list. These include finding the right home, registering with the relevant municipality and submitting his 30% application. Fortunately, most things have already been arranged or already scheduled in the diaries. Upon arrival in the Netherlands we will receive him personally and guide him further so that he can start his new assignment with a fresh start.


Do you also work in an industry where GMP is applied and are you possibly interested in opportunities within pharmaceutical? Feel free to contact us to look at the possibilities together.