Back from South Africa

Last Tuesday, we landed safely after our trip to South Africa. We had personal interviews with about 50 candidates who are considering or have already decided to emigrate to, and work in, the Netherlands. How to proceed?

Personal and follow-up interviews

Together with our South African colleagues Ernest and Danie, we spoke intensively with candidates. As a result, we got to know them personally and also got a better picture of their knowledge, technical skills and ambitions. We also discussed what opportunities we can offer with our clients in the Dutch pharmaceutical industry.

Follow-up interviews will be scheduled over the next month where we will look together at the expected offer, the relevant position and what the process means individually for the new colleague and family or partner. Together, we will prepare for this.

Existing and new network

We are positively surprised by the quality and motivation of the candidates we have spoken with. TailorMinds has an interesting network in the pharmaceutical industry. We expect to serve our relations with qualified and experienced candidates. Of course, we do this not only for our existing relations, but we constantly look out for potential relations we can assist in solving their capacity issues. In discussions with potential clients, we often find that “unknown still makes unloved”. We put a lot of time into thorough recruitment and emigration processes. We gladly make ourselves available to spend that same time providing useful information to both our relations and potential clients.

Getting in touch with TailorMinds

Are your technical capacity issues a growing concern? Practice shows that often doing the same thing and yet expecting a different result does not pay off. We do not claim to deliver the solution. What we do realise is thorough people-focused recruitment, emigration and binding and engaging the right people. Are you interested to know more about the possibilities of recruiting a new long-term colleague through this route? Then contact us for more information or an appointment.