Cooperation with self-employed professionals

Cooperation with self-employed professionals

At TailorMinds, we regularly have good conversations with self-employed professionals, in addition to those with job applicants. More than once, these conversations result in an interesting and challenging projects. Which leads to cooperation with self-employed professionals. If this cooperation is successful, we see that a long-term contact is established. For example, next month a self-employed professional will be starting a project. With whom we have worked together four times in the past ten years.

Mutual contact and fast switching

At TailorMinds, we have periodic contact with the self-employed in our network. When we notice that the interest is mutual, a warm relationship is created. When a project is a good fit, we often only need half a word to be able to switch quickly.

This was also the case with this project. To lead a commissioning and qualification project, we were looking for an executive who can lead both intrinsically and hierarchically. In addition, he/she must also have the right expertise and experience as regards content.


After a telephone conversation and sharing of the project description, the independent party was given permission to submit proposals. This way of working always ensures good coordination and the self-employed person. Who is often oriented on several fronts, knows exactly where he/she stands. We often receive positive feedback on this working method.

Interested in working together as an independent Engineer/Project Manager

TailorMinds likes to work with self-employed people. We are convinced that we can also offer an added value to self-employed people in finding a suitable challenge and guidance during projects. You can read how we do this at: Freelancers – TailorMinds

Are you self-employed, an engineer or project manager active in food or pharma and looking for your next assignment? Then please contact us.