Family business associated with international engineers

TailorMinds regularly takes care of both the onboarding at the new employer and the entire emigration process for a newly recruited colleague. This ensures a proper administrative operation in advance, in which various documents must be submitted from the country of origin. TailorMinds starts the procedure for permission for the highly skilled migrant with these documents and the signed agreement.

Family business

Sometimes a highly skilled migrant comes alone, if there is a relationship, the partner and possibly the children also come to the Netherlands. The impact of emigration on the family is significant. It is not only the documents mentioned above that are of great importance here. The termination of current contracts up to and including the sale of the house in the country of origin are also sometimes discussed. TailorMinds also takes care of the procedure at the IND after coordination of the correct forms to arrange permission for the other family members


So far it’s pretty straightforward. Here, but also in the countries of origin, we know forms of cohabitation in which there is no cohabitation contract or marriage and people still live together sustainably. There is a possibility to submit an application for sustainable cohabiting partners. This is so specialized that we are happy to outsource it to partner Elizette Nel of Expat Relocation Services. She and the people in her company are familiar with this specific procedure and are a reliable partner for us who can successfully complete this procedure. The result: a happy couple!

The solution through network collaboration

TailorMinds takes care of the emigration procedure completely. Where things get complex, we like to “lean” on cooperation with reliable partners. Not only Expat Relocation Services, but also a good network of housing intermediaries ensures a complete result.

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