Two new South African colleagues to the Dutch pharmaceutical industry: William and Odette the first married couple at TailorMinds

Family matter at TailorMinds 1

In the past period, we have contracted two new South African colleagues to work in the Netherlands within the pharmaceutical industry: William and Odette. The special thing about this story: they are the first married couple that has signed with TailorMinds.

The contact

We have been in contact with William for two years about the possibilities in the Netherlands. William has a solid background in validation in the pharmaceutical industry and he was looking for a new challenge in the Netherlands. Thus, the contact was quickly established. However, the time was not yet right because of COVID-19 and rules around the knowledge migrant norm.
We kept in touch and it was waiting for the right moment. In the meantime, we also met his partner who has experience in the same company in the field of quality assurance. For her, too, the search for suitable opportunities began.

Opportunities with relations

In August, opportunities became available for both of them that would suit them perfectly. After their introduction to the clients, their invitations for interviews quickly followed. The interviews went well, according to them. Would it be possible for both of them to get a job in the Netherlands at the same time? The answer is yes. Both relations indicated that they wanted to add William and Odette to the relevant discipline.
A first for TailorMinds: not only a job found for one knowledge migrant, but also one found for the partner!

The sequel

Meanwhile, the contracts have been signed, the visa applications have started and the search for a suitable home is in full swing. The housing market in the Netherlands is still competitive, fortunately this time we only have to find one house for two colleagues. Both are expected in the Netherlands in early October and will then start their work soon.
We wish them good luck with the process. TailorMinds will provide support throughout the process to ensure that the formalities run as smoothly as possible.


Are you also an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and interested in the opportunities in the Netherlands? Please take a look at our vacancy page and/or contact us.