A flying start for Matthijs

Flying start for Matthijs

We recently came into contact with Matthijs. After an interview with one of our relations, Matthijs could start the following week. A flying start for Matthijs.

The first contacts

At the beginning of autumn we came in contact with Matthijs, after which we had a number of conversations. We discussed his qualities, what gives him energy and what his next job should look like. In short, where does his passion lie?

The match

Due to Matthijs’ specific and highly specialised knowledge and experience, there was no immediate vacancy available with our clients. It was therefore a matter of waiting for the right match with the right client and the right job. Since TailorMinds receives new applications every week, it was a matter of timing.

In November, one of our clients came with an urgent request for a project in which international pharmaceutical standards had to be converted and translated to Dutch standards. A challenging job for a depth specialist like Matthijs. The match was there.

The follow-up

After we presented the job profile to Matthijs and he agreed to meet our client, things moved quickly. TailorMinds brought his curriculum vitae and motivation to the client’s attention. This led to an introductory meeting in the same week. The feedback came a day later: a match! Matthijs also found the job very interesting and started the onboarding process the following week. A flying start.


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