Last week Michiel started. The project is the fourth collaboration between Michiel and TailorMinds. Independent with an international touch.. De vierde samenwerking tussen Michiel en TailorMinds. Ditmaal een zelfstandige met een internationaal tintje.

Independent with an international touch

At TailorMinds we regularly have conversations with both applicants and freelancers for challenging vacancies or projects. If a cooperation is project-based, we stay in frequent contact afterwards. So it may be that a good collaboration is continued after an interim period. Last week Michiel started. The project he will be working on is already the fourth collaboration between Michiel and TailorMinds. This time Independent with an international touch.

Mutual contact and fast switching

If you have worked together before, you know what fits well and what doesn’t. When an opportunity arises, Michiel is able to respond quickly. When an opportunity arises, half a word is often enough to get things done quickly.

This was also the case with this project. To lead a commissioning and qualification project we were looking for an executive who could lead both intrinsically and hierarchically. In addition, he or she also had to have the right expertise and experience as regards content.

Remote meeting

After a telephone call, sharing the project description and mutual interest, the online introductory meeting with the client was quickly arranged. You’d think that everyone would do an online meeting, wouldn’t you? Michiel was working on a project in France at the time, which made online contact extra easy in this case.

After this conversation it was clear that they were happy to work with Michiel starting in the new year. Last week the moment was there and we wish Michiel all the best. On the photo you can see Michiel with his second passion. Wine! So Independent with an international touch

Interested in working together as an independent Engineer/Project Manager

TailorMinds likes to work with self-employed people. We are convinced that we can also offer an added value to self-employed people in finding a suitable challenge and guidance during projects. You can read how we do this at: Freelancers – TailorMinds

Are you self-employed, an engineer or project manager active in food or pharma and looking for your next assignment? Then please contact us.