Looking back and proud

December is often the time to look back at what the year has brought us. A year that has instinctively flown by. It is with pleasure that we look back on a strange year, in which job pleasure and satisfaction is a given fact. Connections give us energy, whether it is a good in-depth interview, an introduction where client and candidate find each other or a personal progress meeting. Satisfaction can also be found in a new life in the Netherlands after a turbulent period of emigration. Almost all the examples mentioned are positive, but we also have our hurdles, and not everything always goes as planned. We do not avoid this but see it as a challenge! We always want to stay connected.

Staying normal

“If you stay ordinary long enough, you will become extraordinary”, says an advertising slogan. This is close to who we want to be. Because by remaining ordinary, we have had extraordinary conversations, built up an extraordinary network and been able to cooperate with extraordinary clients.

Anniversary year celebrated

Last year was our anniversary year, in the middle of the pandemic, which sometimes requires some creativity. In February, we celebrated our tenth anniversary with an online Webinar, which was hosted by Ben Tiggelaar. In July and September, we were able to see and speak to almost everyone live during the Summer BBQ and the festive opening of our outdoor office respectively. And finally, in mid-December, just before the lockdown, we were able to organise an alternative end-of-year dinner by means of a well-cared-for day at the Efteling amusement park.

Making a difference

Our vision is that we can only contribute to reducing the scarcity of engineers by bringing in new engineers. This is in addition to having a good connection with Dutch engineers in our network who we come into contact with because they are looking for a new challenge or a next project. In 2021, we handled fourteen full emigrations, the highlight being the month of June when four emigrations took place simultaneously. For 2022, three procedures have already been started. All this ensures a healthy growth, we are still looking to expand our team, see the link to the vacancy and our pitch.


Are you an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and interested in the opportunities in the Netherlands? Please take a look at our vacancy page. Are you a client and looking for a committed partner for your capacity issues? Please feel free to contact us.