Metstrade 2021


In recent years, TailorMinds has been visibly active in the Food and Pharmaceutical industry. In the broader sense, we focus on capacity issues in complex technical sectors. Such as Shipbuilding, Aerospace but also Oil and Gas, within just mentioned sectors. From that point of view we regularly visit trade fairs, recently we participated in Metstrade 2021.


It was exciting until the last moment, but the fair could still go ahead at the last minute. With over 1100 national and international exhibitors and extensive measures under COVID-19. It was the first trade fair since 2019 in which TailorMinds participated.

METSTRADE is the world’s largest trade fair for equipment, materials and systems for the international maritime industry. Since its launch in 1988, the fair has been the platform for professionals in the international boat and yacht building industry. Exhibitors show boat builders, shipyards and interested parties the latest innovations.

The technology

The trade fair is set up in three sections: the SuperYacht Pavilion, the Marina & Yard Pavilion and the Construction Material Pavilion. Within these, a division has been made on the different nationalities. With each section having its specific niche products and services. TailorMinds was again extensively updated on the latest updates and trends of Audio Video / Integrated Techonolgy (AV/IT) communication systems, Mechanical systems, propulsion, navigation and equipment, among others.


At TailorMinds, we believe it is important that our consultants are up to date with the developments within the industry. Gathering professional knowledge and experience at trade fairs and other events is central to this. We can apply this in discussions with professionals and our clients.

On the one hand, to use the knowledge we already have for recruitment and, on the other hand, to keep abreast of new developments within the industry. In addition, it is of course nice to be able to catch up with colleagues from the industry again after two special years.


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