NBBU-cao 2022

New NBBU collective labour agreement

At TailorMinds, we believe it is important that our consultants are aware of developments in the market as well as in the field of employment conditions. On 1 January 2022, a new collective labour agreement (cla) will come into effect from our sector association NBBU. This was one of the reasons why our consultant Bas attended the NBBU 2022 collective labour agreement course.


Through our membership with the NBBU, we follow this cla with regard to employment conditions and TailorMinds deviates positively on a number of points. This means that when a client follows its own cla, we follow the client’s salary standards. This results in equal pay for our employees.

We also check terms of employment with clients who do not follow a cla. Because TailorMinds already deviates positively from a number of conditions, the new NBBU cla will not bring many changes for us.


There are many changes, and to find out about them, it is best to follow the communication issued by the NBBU on this subject. The changes that are expected to occur in our subsector are:

  • Home working allowances;
  • Resources;
  • Clarification and broadening of pension base.

Where our clients are part of a cla, there will also be an impact on one-off and year-end bonuses (from the end of 2023), such as a thirteenth month.

The text of the new cla will soon be available for download on the NBBU website; if you use the NBBU app, you will be able to find this text there.

Expertise and craftsmanship

In addition to periodic professional training and courses at our relations and Thomas International. TailorMinds has the good habit of also making use of the NBBU course offering. All our consultants are certified where applicable and specifically trained where needed. In the area of contracts, collective agreements, IND processes and the associated terms and conditions of employment. This makes us a fully-fledged discussion partner for professionals and business relations.

Are you interested?

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