New project for Edo!

Good news this week! Despite the somewhat decreasing demand in the market, we will soon welcome a new colleague: Edo. He will be working as manager at one of our relations!

The summer of 2017

We met Edo in the summer of 2017 during an introductory meeting at our kitchen table in Zoetermeer. A good conversation took place, but we did not immediately have a job or assignment available to him. Sometimes it takes a while. We decided to keep in touch.

Speed train process

A few weeks ago we received a project question from one of our relations. We immediately thought of Edo. We got in touch, Edo was interested and we quickly introduced him. Last week Edo had a job interview and a day later the invitation to start followed. A speed train process, which we are quite proud of given the current circumstances.

The sequel

Meanwhile, the agreements have been signed and Edo is ready to start. We wish him the best of luck with his upcoming assignment! For us it’s a fine example that a good interview can be an in-depth investment for a future assignment.


Do you like the above story and are you interested in a position as an engineer or manager in the food and / or pharma? Please feel free to contact us and perhaps we can help you on your way.