Procedures started for Emre

In April we can welcome Emre in The Netherlands. This is because he will start as a Validation & Compliance Engineer at one of our relations. Since Emre is from Turkey, this means that we also started an immigration procedure for him at the IND.

The match

Emre has been known at TailorMinds for a long time, where looking for the right project at the right time was an important point. For example, it may be that the foreign candidate fits perfectly in terms of profile, but that the availability due to the immigration procedure does not meet the wishes of the client. Especially when it comes to projects where the pressure is high.

So we had to wait for a project where there is enough space in terms of the start date. And then one of our relations asked for a Validation & Compliance Engineer for an upcoming project. This gave the necessary space to fit the process within the wishes of the relationship. And not unimportantly: also feasible for Emre.

Association Agreement Turkey

An advantage with regard to Turkey is the Association Agreement between Turkey and the European Union. This agreement gives Turkish migrants more room in the area of ​​freedom of movement for persons between Turkey and the European Union. A number of conditions do apply to this. Because Emre meets these conditions, this is beneficial for his process.

The process

The first steps have already been taken to allow Emre to come to The Netherlands on the basis of a highly skilled migrant visa. Of course we guide him through the entire process with additional matters such as housing, banking, basic registration, corona tests and pickup at the airport.

The match

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