TailorMinds is coming to South Africa

In the past month we have further concretized the plans to come to Port Elizabeth. Together with our South African colleagues Ernest and Danie, Sander and Peter will be in Port Elizabeth from November 14 to 18 with the aim of meeting new candidates.

Special landing page on our website

The news item we posted in July about our plans has already attracted many responses from people who are interested. To manage the applications, we have created a landing page on our website.

Managing expectations

On this page you will find more information about the positions we are primarily looking to recruit. We will review and classify the responses received in the coming weeks. In mid-October, we will send a personal invitation to the people we would like to meet. We may not be able to invite everyone who responds. We might schedule individual interviews at a later date through an online connection.


We notice that there are candidates who are interested in living and working in the Netherlands, but are not yet applying. Besides our visit in November, we would like to invite those who respond to a Webinar we will organise in October. This will be about living and working in the Netherlands. Also, this preparation will ensure that we can spend your and our time efficiently to get to know each other better in person. Finally, we can answer questions that several people have in the Webinar.


Are you interested and do you recognise yourself in the positions listed, please send your CV with cover letter via this link. If you have a question, please contact us.