Tamrin finally comes to the Netherlands

As of August 1, we will have another South African colleague: Tamrin! She starts as a Validation Consultant at one of our relations in the pharmaceutical industry. Her trial had a good result, with persistence winning.

Process with TailorMinds

Last year we came into contact with Tamrin through a reference from a former colleague. During the first meeting, Tamrin made an energetic impression and showed that she is well versed in the field of both quality and validation. In the ensuing conversation, the process was discussed further, including the income expectation.

After an agreement from both sides, we introduced her exclusively to one of our relations because of the direct link with her work experience and the client’s needs in the field. This immediately resulted in a number of interviews with them. It was not a question of whether Tamrin would start, but when. As always in recruitment, timing is an important component.


In this case, timing is the time that elapses between the moment the capacity requirement is met and the realistic time needed to prepare for emigration. In March the decision was made: Tamrin can start as a Validation Consultant! All matters surrounding her start were set in motion with the arrows aimed at 1 August as the start date. The constant trust between Tamrin, the relations and TailorMinds has now also paid off in the fact that a project is immediately available for her to start on.


Most things have now been set in motion and we expect to welcome Tamrin in the Netherlands at the end of July. In the meantime, we are busy working on suitable housing, opening a bank account and collecting the residence permit. With this we try to arrange a pleasant arrival in the Netherlands for her so that she can focus better on her work afterwards.


Interested in the story of Tamrin and also curious about possibilities within validation in the pharmaceutical industry? We have almost continuous requests from our relations related to validation. Interested in what else we do? Please feel free to contact us.