Tiffany has arrived!

After a quick immigration process, we welcomed our new colleague Tiffany and her family to the Netherlands this week. Today she starts as Validation Officer for our relationship in the south of the country. Welcome Tiffany!


The first contact with Tiffany was last year when we got a good impression of her knowledge, experience and personal situation. Tiffany graduated in analytical chemistry and subsequently gained work experience as an analyst in the lab. To develop further within the organisation, she then focused on validation of lab and production equipment. Tiffany will also engage in validation and qualification work in her new position at our relation.

Quick procedure

Our relation’s wish was for Tiffany to start quickly. As she would come to the Netherlands as a knowledge migrant, an immigration procedure was necessary. Getting a residence permit also means having a valid work permit. After all contracts were signed, we could focus on starting this procedure. Tiffany already had some documents available but the wait was still on for her and her family to get a new passport. After these were in, the procedure was started. Fortunately, the IND’s approval came in time and the tickets to the Netherlands could be booked.


While waiting for the residence permits to be approved, we have been busy finding suitable accomodation. This proved more difficult than expected given the supply of house options in the region. Just before her arrival in the Netherlands, we managed to find a house that Tiffany and her family could move into immediately. A number of formalities still need to be completed including collecting residence permits and registering with the municipality. These appointments have now been scheduled. Following this, the other steps can be taken including opening a bank account and arranging health insurance. Today, Tiffany started in her new position of Validation Officer. We wish her every success!


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