Value of the NBBU collective labor agreement and the NEN4400

Last Monday we had a visit from an auditor from Normec at TailorMinds. This time the aim was to do the audit for the NBBU in combination with the NEN4400 audit. Both audits were successfully completed, a result we are proud of.


Our membership with the NBBU entails rights and obligations. We do not experience the duties as a duty, but rather as a logical step in being a good employer. It is tested whether we follow the collective labor agreement, which means that if a client follows a collective agreement, we adhere to the conditions of the client and what results in equal pay for our employees. We also check remuneration matters with clients who do not have a collective labor agreement.


The certificate obtained after a successful audit of the NEN4400 standard offers clients the certainty that we already pay mandatory payments to the government and that clients who work with us are exempt from risks as a result of the chain liability law. For our employees, this means that they are part of a company that has properly organized its processes for remuneration and that they are not short-changed by looking for the edges of the rules.

Value of these hallmarks

As an NBBU member you apparently stand out. You regularly see in the media that NBBU members (and also ABU members) are portrayed in a negative light by magnifying incidents and presenting them as structural problems. Companies that are affiliated with the NBBU and have a NEN4400 certification, distinguish themselves from the part of the market where unfortunately many problems occur.


Are you a client? Then know that the standards that NBBU members use give you the greatest guarantee for your (temporary or incoming) employee. Are you looking for a new challenge? Then know that these quality marks offer you a lot of security. Would you like to know more about this? Please feel free to contact us!