Welcome and good luck Suéllen!

Last week we welcomed our new colleague Suéllen to the Netherlands. She has started as Validation Engineer at one of our relations.


First acquaintance

Earlier this year we came in contact with Suéllen after she responded to one of our vacancies. Given her relevant knowledge and experience, an online interview soon followed. This not only gave us a good picture of her experience but also of Suéllen as a person. She proved to be enthusiastic, communicative and driven to take a new step in her career outside Brazil. In cooperation with TailorMinds she was eager to explore the possibilities and use our knowledge and experience to make the right match.


New position

After we discussed the possibilities with Suéllen and introduced her to our relations, several interviews followed. These interviews were positive, yet it took some time before there was a definite green light for Suéllen to start. She could start at one of our relations, but there was uncertainty about the position. Therefore this did not happen. Fortunately, more opportunities came along and we were able to move on to another position. Last week Suéllen arrived safely in the Netherlands and started as a Validation Engineer.



Meanwhile, the next steps to complete the formalities that need to be arranged have been taken. This week Suéllen received the key to her new house where she will hopefully feel at home soon. Her partner will also come to the Netherlands at the end of this month after which the appointments at the municipality for registration and the IND for picking up the residence documents can be made. We wish Suéllen a lot of success and pleasure in her new position!


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