Welcome Bertus and family

Last Friday we  welcomed Bertus and his family in The Netherlands. In April we already announced that there was a green light for the start of Bertus to start working as a Validation Consultant on 1 June. We are now many steps further and a number of others are in process.

To combine forces

In the past period TailorMinds has helped many expats find a job with possibilities in The Netherlands. This means that they can come on the basis of a valid work and residence permit. Sometimes they come alone and sometimes they come with family. This includes other matters such as finding a suitable home for a family, choosing the right school and banking.

Given the full agenda (in addition to Bertus, two other internationals will also start on 1 June) we have engaged the services of our partners Expat Relocation & Immigration Services and Expat Property Brokers. This is to ensure that a suitable house can be found with a school nearby.

House hunting

There has been a shortage of houses in The Netherlands for some time now. This makes the process of housing an expat with family one of the biggest focus points. Not having a permanent residence on arrival in The Netherlands is an undesirable situation. Certainly from the point of view that a house is the starting point for a registration with the municipality, a bank account and health insurance.

It was a quest in which Expat Property Brokers helped us with the many home viewings. This with a positive result: there is a house in the desired region with a suitable school for the children. Since an expat usually does not have a bank account upon arrival, TailorMinds is available to advance the first month’s rent and deposit.

From dependent to independent

The agreements are currently on the agenda to arrange the latest essential formalities such as collecting the residence permits, opening a bank account and registering with the municipality. Of course with the support of TailorMinds, as the family is still partly dependent on our services. However, with every expat the goal is to build a life independently in The Netherlands. For some it is faster and / or easier, for others less.


Are you an engineer with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and looking for a challenge in The Netherlands? Feel free to view our pages aimed at you as a candidate and / or expat or contact us.