Welcome Shaun

Last Wednesday our South African colleague Shaun arrived in the Netherlands. After thorough preparations we were able to welcome him at Schiphol Airport. Meanwhile the other formalities in the Netherlands have been done and/or completed. A look back and ahead.

Process in South Africa

As previously reported, we got to know Shaun during our visit to Port Elizabeth in South Africa last November. A suitable vacancy followed few weeks later which he was allowed to start immediately. This meant that the process could start to eventually arrive in the Netherlands.

In addition to his visa process at the Dutch consulate in Cape Town, there were numerous things to complete in South Africa. These included collecting the proper required documentation (birth certificates, marriage certificate and etc.) and selling possessions. Finally, he and his partner owned a business from which they had to close all pending matters.

In the meantime, these matters are almost completed which allowed Shaun’s flight to the Netherlands to take place. Because there are still some outstanding matters in South Africa, his partner will come to the Netherlands at the end of June.

Process in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, as always, we were ready to pick him up at the airport. We often notice with our expats that they arrive in the Netherlands tired. Because of this, we usually don’t make the arrival in the Netherlands too busy and arrange the formalities in the following days. So too for Shaun.

Shaun may enter his home on 15 June. In the meantime, Shaun may stay with a friend and also our colleague for the first week. For the following weeks, we have found a B&B nearby his new job.

1 June he may really start work on his new project as Project Engineer Facilities where we wish him the best of luck.

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