Welcome Teneal

Welcome Teneal

Yesterday we welcomed our future South African colleague in the Netherlands. Teneal will start in November as Validation Consultant at one of our clients. Until then, a number of formalities have been planned and of course the reunion with her father. Welcome Teneal.


Before Teneal landed in the Netherlands, a number of formalities were scheduled. As always, we first arranged the employment contract and visa application. This was followed by the search for suitable temporary accommodation, arranging the flight and the appointments with the municipality and the IND. Now that we are in the Netherlands, there is plenty on the agenda. This is to ensure that the most important matters are arranged before Teneal starts work.

Temporary housing is related to the competitive housing market on the one hand, and on the other hand to the fact that a first house will not be the long-term residence of the highly skilled migrant in practice. Finding a suitable house in the short term within certain budgets is always a challenge. In the meantime, one can look forward to finding a nice permanent place for her.

Reunification with father

As announced early September, Teneal is no stranger to TailorMinds. Her father started working in the Netherlands at the beginning of July, so contact with her daughter, who has relevant work experience, was quickly established. After a few months of being thousands of kilometres apart, they are together again. A nice thought to know that you are not alone in the Netherlands, especially when the other person has already experienced all that is new.

Good luck

We hereby wish Teneal good luck with her adventure in the Netherlands. Apart from that adventure, we are also curious about the proclaimed father-daughter competition. It seems to be a friendly competition, but given their fanatical personalities, both are going for the win. Fortunately, both are working for the same client, so teamwork will ultimately be the deciding factor.


Does Teneal’s story appeal to you and might you be interested in the possibilities at TailorMinds? Feel free to contact us and maybe we will meet soon