Good luck with your second internship Roy

After the first good internship, Roy (front left in the picture) will also do his second internship at TailorMinds. This time, the focus will be on marketing and HR. The earlier internship experience and the theory of the University of Applied Sciences can thus be put into practice. Roy’s education is a broad generalist education, which means that a subsequent learning period can still offer new perspectives.

Internship Number 2

The goal of the first internship was to improve and partly describe the work process, which was not present on paper before. The second work placement started in mid-October and Roy will be supporting TailorMinds for two days a week for the next three months. In this period, he will go more in-depth than last period in the areas of marketing and HR and will have to work more independently.

Marketing & HR

This internship is a mix between marketing and HR. He learns how marketing analysis works and he attends many conversations between employees and the consultants. This photo was taken during a visit to two employees. Ultimately, the goal is that he will also conduct interviews independently. In consultation, an interesting assignment was agreed upon, namely an internal analysis, in which he takes a close look at the internal organisation. By measuring and studying the work of the consultants, he will advise whether it makes sense to hire someone internally with a task package that complements that of the consultants. This employee will take work off the hands of the consultants. As TailorMinds has grown, we have noticed that there are many tasks that do not belong as well to the consultants. Think of the preparation of CVs, translating pitches, organizing events and additional administrative tasks. We hope that Roy’s analysis will give us a broader understanding of this issue. Roy spends one day on marketing and HR and one day on the business assignment.

Success, once again

Over the next three months, Roy will mainly be physically present at TailorMinds, and will attend some interviews to ask questions himself in order to gain experience. We wish Roy the best of luck in carrying out this assignment. If you have any questions for Roy, feel free to drop by on Thursday or Friday! This is also a good opportunity to see our new building. Please contact us for that.