Kings Day 27 April 2024

Last Saturday, April 27th, we celebrated King’s Day in the Netherlands. This special day is all about our King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. Since 2013, we have been celebrating King’s Day; before that, we celebrated Queen’s Day on April 30th.

Tradition in the Netherlands

Across the country, there are festivities planned on King’s Day, including the traditional street market. People can sell things on the street or play music. There are also many festivals, street parties, sports events, and fun activities. The King and his family traditionally visit a place in the Netherlands. There, they are warmly welcomed by the mayor and the locals.

Everything is orange

For our external workers, many of whom are knowledge migrants, King’s Day offers a unique cultural experience. To capture the essence of this special day, we asked some of them to share photos of their experiences. For some, it was their first time celebrating King’s Day, while others have experienced it before. From the colorful clothing to the lively festivals, King’s Day in the Netherlands is a vibrant celebration of tradition, unity, and the enduring spirit of the Dutch people.

Would you like to celebrate King’s Day in the Netherlands next year too?

We still have vacancies open. Take a look at our job page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. And hopefully, we’ll see you next year on King’s Day with a smile on your face!