Team dinner

TailorMinds continues to grow. In the past year and a half, our internal team has almost doubled. From 1 July, we divided tasks differently, with the aim of having more focus on specific task areas. This has affected the roles of Sander and Arjan. To celebrate this, it was time to enjoy a dinner with the team and partners.

Renewed Focus

From the mentioned date, Sander started leading the commercial team internally and Arjan focuses on customer development and managing internal processes. This creates renewed focus, which will provide both deepening and challenge. Our credo remains “growth is a result of doing our job well and not an objective in itself”.  We do expect this change to clear the way for further growth over time.

Close by can also be tasty

The saying “what you get far is tasty” does not always apply, last week showed that you can also find it close by. We were guests at Hofstede Meerzicht a few kilometres from our office. No choice stress this evening, as a surprise menu was prepared for us. Besides the delicious food, the relaxed atmosphere, getting away from it all, a little holiday feeling and being together as colleagues and partners in a different way were great ingredients to make it a successful evening.

Working together with TailorMinds?

Plans are already in place for client development, of course we are always open to the unexpected. Is fulfilling capacity issues for engineers an ongoing challenge for the company where you are active. Feel free to contact Arjan to discuss how TailorMinds can support you.