Thick Root first half year

Last week, we reviewed the first half of the year with the commercial team in the office, set a new target for the second half and determined the direction in terms of business development. In the corridors, we call this ” Thick Root”. The idea here is that a root gives a tree strength and grip as an example to see business model and strategy as a root for the company.

Review of the first six months

In the past six months, we saw the market slowing down a bit, the number of capacity requests decreasing and the speed of fulfilment also declining. Despite these slowdowns, we grew slightly and were close to achieving our desired dot on the horizon. We have seen the first successes of the “high potentials” programme that has been deployed, in which prospective colleagues already take language lessons in their country of origin in anticipation of coming to the Netherlands.

Shared leadership

We also looked ahead to the new reality where we go into the future with shared leadership. Clarity in how responsibilities are divided and what that means for the team. This offers space and time to work on other task areas with more focus. Translated concretely: Sander leads operations and Arjan handles business development and business processes.

Market and customer development

We reviewed that business development is more than just approaching a potential customer to make an appointment. In our view, it is about the whole process from the first contact with the applicant, the professionalism of our approach to placement with an existing or new relationship and everything in between. In going through this process, we still found several points for improvement that we will continue to work on. Furthermore, we have named from a number of potential prospects that we hope to visit in the coming months.

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