Welcome Odette

Welcome Odette

The month of October is a busy month for TailorMinds. Given the three knowledge migrants who have arrived in the Netherlands. Last week we welcomed the last one of the trio: Odette. She will start in November as Quality Assurance Specialist at one of our relations in the pharmaceutical industry. Welcome Odette.

Adjustments in the planning

The green light for her assignment came at the end of August, about a week after her partner William also heard that he had received an offer to come and work and live in the Netherlands. This meant that the planning, submitting applications and booking flights could begin. However, planning usually goes differently than what was planned beforehand.

Due to private circumstances, a number of adjustments had to be made. Originally, the idea was that the couple would come to the Netherlands on the same flight. The new situation asked for flexibility from everyone for which there was enough room given a later start date.


Upon arrival in the Netherlands, we were waiting for Odette together with partner William. Sometimes picking up an expatriate and/or family has a “Hello Goodbye” quality to it. This time, for the first time, we had an episode with a full TailorMinds cast.

After a warm welcome, the journey continued to their home. In the coming period, we will be taking care of a number of formalities together, including registration with the municipality and collecting the residence permit.

Good luck

Next week is Odette’s first working day. We often see that the first working week is focused on reading documents, following training courses and getting to know the new colleagues. After that, the substantive challenge will follow, where it will be Odette’s task to eliminate the backlog in deviations. We wish her good luck with that!


Does Odette’s story appeal to you and might you be interested in the possibilities at TailorMinds? Feel free to contact us and maybe we will meet soon.