Welcome Reshen

Today we gave our upcoming colleague Reshen a warm welcome to the Netherlands. Next Monday he will start his project as Project Engineer Maintenance. Before that happens, there are still some boxes to tick off.

Preparation in South Africa

In November we got the great news for Reshen that he had been hired for one of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry. That news was received with great enthusiasm and also created a lot of questions. As far as business in South Africa is concerned, there are a number of formalities of importance to be taken care of.

First, one needs to get their documents in order for visa procedures and future formalities in the Netherlands. There is also decision to be made about possessions in country of origin: do they go with them, are they sold or perhaps rented out? In recent years we have noticed that everyone has their own wishes and that there is always a solution for it.

In Reshen’s case, he has spent the last few days busy with the last necessary documentation and renovating the house. Meanwhile, these matters are as good as completed so he could come to the Netherlands with peace of mind.

Trials in the Netherlands

Once in the Netherlands, we were ready to receive him at the airport. With a temperature difference of at least 25 degrees, Reshen was advised to arrive thickly dressed. For now, most of the formalities have been scheduled so he has less to worry about this once he starts at his new client.

One formality remains a big challenge and that is finding suitable housing. So too for Reshen. At this time, we have yet to get the desired result. Of course, we don’t let him down and managed to arrange temporary accommodation through our network. Through a specialized party, the search for a nice accommodation in the Netherlands is in full swing.


A lot has happened in a short time and there are still some matters to be done like the immigration of his family and some formalities. We thank him for his trust in TailorMinds and wish him good luck with the challenges in the Netherlands.


If you are intrigued by the opportunities at TailorMinds, we encourage you to check out our vacancies on our jobs page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the possibilities of working together on a bright future.